Best Pitcher in the MLB

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

     Until this October, over the course of Roy Halladay’s career , he has never pitched in a MLB postseason game. This is mainly due to the team he had came up with. He pitched for all 12 years of his career with the Toronto Blue Jays. The team itself never went anywhere, but Halladay was making himself a name in the MLB. Halladay became a dominating pitcher, winning over 66% of his games pitched with the Blue Jays with an era sub three. With his success he finally proved the MLB that he can be the best pitcher in the league, winning the Cy Young Award in 2003.all knew that Halladay was a dominating pitcher and  could get the job done at any time but no one knew how he would deliver in a postseason game. This all soon changed in the off season of the 2010 season.

       When the time came, a deal was struck and the Phillies acquired all star pitcher Halladay. Now that the pitcher was given a new life and a chance for a brighter career, the Phillies also gave him a chance to make it to the playoffs for his first time. Over the course of the season Halladay was a key component to the Phillies rising late in the season and granting them a playoff spot once again. Not only that but he also showed greatness once again, pitching a perfect game im Miami against the Florida Marlins. This being said Halladay was on his way to a great year.

        Finally the playoffs were under way and Halladay had the ball for the opening game against the Cincinnati Reds for his postseason debut. Who knew lightning would strike twice? Halladay became one of two pitchers to pitch a no hitter in a postseason game. He finally got his chance to pitch in a playoff game  and could have not pitched a better game. He was destined to be a great pitcher and still has plenty of games to pitch this year in the playoffs. Maybe this is why people say he is the best in the game.