Bucs off to a surprisingly good start

Parker Fox, Staff Writer

After going 3-13 and making few changes in personnel, little was expected of the Bucs by fans and critics this season.  The team has shocked both the league and some of its realistic fans with a 3-1 start.  NFL fans have started to ask the question: Are the Bucs legit? 

            The Bucs began the season with a win over the dismal Cleveland Browns and followed it with another win over the 0-5 Carolina Panthers.  They returned home and were hammered for four quarters by hard-hitting Pittsburgh Steelers.  They came from behind last week on the road to beat Cincinnati in a thriller.  Although strength of schedule is irrelevant in the NFL, critics find it hard to believe that this team can make a run in the playoffs, or even get there, for that matter.  Steelers fan and East Lake sophomore Cameron Gholampour said, “I was at the Steelers-Bucs game.  We destroyed the Bucs and made them look like a high school team even though we played with our 3rd string QB.  I highly doubt they will even finish .500.”

            Zach Wood, a Dolphins fan and an East Lake sophomore who feels neutral on the Bucs said, “I don’t see how people can hate on them when they have won three out of their four games in the National Football League.  I mean, it doesn’t matter who you beat all that counts is your record.  Until they start losing more games than they win, I think people should lay off.”

            The Bucs returned home last Sunday to be dominated by the Saints, 31-6.  They missed out on a great opportunity to show they are a legitimate contender.  The Bucs were outclassed in all facets of the game and made the Saints look like they could be heading to another Super Bowl.    

            If the Bucs can only beat sub-par teams, they might still find a way into the playoffs.  Only three of the Bucs’ remaining games will be played against playoff teams from last year.  Two of these games are against the Saints, and one is against the Ravens.  No matter how badly the Bucs get blown out in these games, they could still find themselves atop the division at the end of the season if they take advantage of this cushy schedule.

            Bucs fans should be excited for the rest of the season.  3-2 and riding momentum from a road win against the star-studded Bengals, despite the loss to the Saints, the Bucs are still in great shape in the NFC South.  There is not doubt that the Bucs will have to continue their current trend by winning their “easier” games in order to make the playoffs.