NFL cracks down on hard hits

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

In recent years the NFL has done many things that are intended to protect players and their safety.  Monday, after week 6 being full of these “headhunter” hits, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell decided to take it a step further, giving NFL officials the right to punish by suspension or fine players who hit leading with their heads causing injuries to their fellow players. 

The NFL gave the first fine to James Harrison of the Steelers for $75,000 because of two hits against Browns players in which he caused helmet to helmet hits each time and caused both players to leave the game.  T.J. Ward was also fined $15,000 for a hit against Jordan Shipley of the Bengals.

This new policy has caused a lot of controversy among NFL fans.  Some say that it’s a violent game and that they’re taught to hit as hard as possible because that’s what makes them better, but at the same time many other fans find nothing wrong with this new policy and believe that it’s great that the NFL has decided to take a stand for its players.   “I think they need to ease up on these punishments; this is the way the game is played and it’s not like the players on offense have no clue its coming.  If they’re getting the ball they should be prepared to be hit hard; it’s the NFL,” said junior Tyler Carbonelli.

There are many reasons that the NFL has decided to start standing up for its players.  Firstly the NFL is in the business of entertainment and if it loses more and more topnotch athletes to injuries, fans won’t be happy.   Also former NFL players have been putting pressure on the league to do something to help protect current players from the long term side effects caused by concussions and such injuries.