In State ACC Championship matchup: will it ever come?

Parker Fox, Staff Writer

           Since Miami joined the ACC in 2004, it was assumed that they would face off every December with fellow perennial powerhouse Florida State.  The conference put the two teams in different divisions.  Both reams were ready to dominate their respective divisions and meet at the title game for years to come.
            Fast forward to November 2010.  The ACC is the laughing stock of BCS conferences.  The two teams who were supposed to justify the conference’s automatic BCS bid have failed miserably to do so.  FSU played in the Championship game just once in 2005 and Miami is yet to play in it.  Both teams have been through hard times and rebuilding these past six years, but the fact that these teams still haven’t played in the title game is disappointing to say the least.  As far as a 2010 Miami vs. FSU match up goes, there is still hope. 

            “I don’t like either team and so I really don’t care if they reach the ACC Championship, but I will say that the conference would be a lot better off if Miami and FSU were good again,” said East Lake freshman Cooper Coughlin.

            For Miami to reach the ACC Championship, they will need some help from North Carolina this weekend.  If UNC beats Virginia Tech at 3:30 in Chapel Hill, the ‘Canes will then be in control of their own destiny.  They will have to win road games at Georgia Tech and the rivalry game at home the next week against Virginia Tech.  The season finale against USF is irrelevant to the conference situation. 

            FSU will need NC State to lose one of their last three games against Wake Forest, North Carolina, and Maryland to have any hope of winning the Atlantic Division.  They also need to take care of Clemson and Maryland in nationally televised games. 

            East Lake sophomore and Miami fanatic Michael Lipca said, “I hope we get another shot at FSU.  There is no way they could beat us twice in one season.  But I think we have a better chance to get to the championship game than they do.”

            For the sake of ACC football, Miami and FSU need to be in the ACC Championship this year.  If less known programs are playing in the game, the winner still gets an automatic BCS bid.  Additional negative attention would be drawn to the conference and people would consider taking away the BCS bid in the future.  A Miami-FSU Championship game would save the conference.