Early Super Bowl Picks

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

The 2009 NFL football season was almost boring to watch last year. Each week, every game was extremely predictable and was really no competition between the teams. Through week eight last year, there were about four undefeated teams who were obviously the four teams to most likely to make it to the Super Bowl. This year is a different story. Almost every division has a good team but second and third place teams are still in the picture. All teams are pretty even, making it hard to guess who will win Sunday’s games and even who will be the two teams to make it to the Super Bowl.

   My pick for the AFC for the 2010 NFL season would have to be the Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite having their all-star quarterback Ben Roethlisburger out for the first four games of the season, they were able to find ways to win without him. Running back Rashard Mendenhall picked up the slack as well as the defense playing phenomenal. The defense is playing the best it has in a while, with the number one rush defense in the league and the least amount of points allowed in a game. Now that Roethlisburger is back, the defense doesn’t have to do it all. The offense is more potent and have a current record of 6-2. These Steelers look like the ones who won a championship in  2008. This is why they are one of the picks to be in the Super Bowl this year.

   In the other conference, the NFC, I believe there is one team running away in the race to be attending the 2010 Super Bowl, which is the New York Giants. Starting off to a bad start of 1-2 was a little discouraging with losses to the Colts and the Titans, but they were able to bounce back, winning five in a row. Unlike the Steelers, the Giants get it done on the offensive side of the ball, ranked second in the league for total yards a game, third for total rushing yards a game and fourth for points per game. These ranks has a lot to do with a couple key players such as Eli Manning, who has just over two thousand passing yards and 17 TD’s and Ahmad Bradshaw, who is having a comeback year and running the ball extremely well. If the Giants can keep the heat on and continue to score points like they do, I believe they will make it to the Super Bowl this year as well.