Dirty Play

Peter Drulias, Staff writer

When you think of the NFL, you think of big physical men going at each other for a set time, trying to tear each others’ heads off. This past week it was taken to a whole new level of play. We all thought that the blow from defensive linemen Richard Seymour to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was bad; just wait until you hear about this.

Everyone knows the Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan. Even though he has formed into a solid corner for the team, he is still nothing but a punk and wants and tries to be the dirtiest player in the game. He is known not for his football ability but for the mind games he plays with the opposing teams. Finnegan does all he can to get into the receivers’ heads, taking them over board. So far, everyone has been able to block him out until week eleven. The Titans were playing the Houston Texans and were getting beaten pretty badly. The score was 17 to 0 in the middle of the fourth quarter. Finnegan’s receiver for the day was Andre Johnson, who already caught a touchdown on him and another 50 yards to go with it. Being the person Finnegan is, he started to play dirty with Johnson, giving him late hits after the whistle and exchanges in words. Finnegan did not know who he was messing with and got what he deserved. Johnson finally snapped, ripping off Finnegan’s helmet, landing four or five blows to the head. Eventually both players were ejected from the game. The small brawl on the field between the two made many players and fans happy, just seeing Finnegan get whooped on was a beautiful site. After the game, Andre said that he got caught up in the moment and regrets it. If he could go back, he said he would not have done what he done. The whole ordeal ended up costing each player $25,000. They are both lucky they didn’t get suspended.