Cameron Crazies: Can anyone stop them?

Parker Fox, Staff Writer

Since Coach K appeared on the scene in Durham in 1980 the Blue Devils have been at the pinnacle of college basketball.  They have won four national championships and have gone to the big dance 26 years in a row.  Coming off one of those titles and returning all of his key players, Duke is expected to go undefeated and repeat as champions. 

            The Blue Devils are led by seniors Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler.  Seth Curry, cousin of former Davidson standout Steph Curry, has also become a vital part of the team. 

            History has proved there are no guaranteed wins, but mighty Duke will have to overcome few obstacles this season.  The season is high lighted by road games at Wake Forest (January 22) and two games against archrival North Carolina (Febuary 9 and March 5).  It is clear, however, that the Blue Devils are in a class of their own. 

            Ohio State and Pittsburgh also have good teams and will be expected to challenge Duke in the NCAA Tournament.  Another possible challenger is Connecticut, who crushed Kentucky 84-67 on November 24.  They are led by dazzling guard Kemba Walker.  Uconn also beat Michigan State in the Maui Invitational, who had received two first place votes prior to losing to the Huskies.  Uconn has more impressive wins than anyone in the country at this point in the season.  If anyone can take down mighty Duke, it could be the Huskies.

            Duke has forced the question to college basketball followers: are they even better than last years 35-5 National Championship team?  After an 86-68 win over then number 4 Kansas State, it appears they could be.  Sophomore JV guard David Caulfield said, “I love Duke.  I hope we can win it all again and I seriously doubt anyone can play with us.  Maybe Ohio State, but after seeing what we did to Kansas State we will probably go undefeated.”

            North Carolina fan and freshman Cooper Coughlin said, “even though I hate Duke, I have to admit they are pretty much unbeatable.  If they get beat it will be a sleeper game where they underestimate a huge underdog.”

            Whether Duke loses this regular season or not is irrelevant as long as if they still obtain a number one seed in the tournament.  If they do that, a pumped up Duke team as talented as this one will be nearly impossible to knock off in the tournament.