Lax Bros vs. Gridiron Gang

Imran Ahmed, Web Editor

With the recent uprising of the East Lake Lacrosse team and the continuing success of the football team, which group is better to be a part of?

            Lately when walking around the school, you seem to notice two different types of groups around the school. There are the kids decked out in football gear, who have been on the football team for years and have led the team to the playoffs in three of the past four years, including this year, as the team was led by sophomore sensation QB Pete DiNovo. Then there’s the new group consisting of kids with their lacrosse hoodies on, who have recently joined the new lacrosse squad. The question is would you rather be a football player or a lax player because even though their seasons don’t overlap, it takes a lot of work to be a part of both sports. However, there are kids who have taken part in both.

            Senior John Siebels, who is part of the lacrosse team and the infamous “lax bros,” says, “Being a lax bro comes down to one word, flow.”  When asked about what the term flow meant, John replied, “You have to be a lax bro to know flow: the secret to lax is 90% flow and 10% skill.” Though I was never able to put a finger on what flow meant, it seems like the lacrosse team believes in their mental skills rather than their physical capabilities. Senior Zach Huberty said “Lax bros are better because we can rock pastels and have a lot of flow.” Lacrosse players seem to possess a feeling that they are the best and the coolest in the school and with the success they had on the field last year by going deep into the playoffs, there’s no arguing with their success. Even fans of these sports feel that the lax bros are cooler. Senior Jonell Gregor says, “I think lax bros are cool because I think it’s awesome how they think they can do what they want, when they want. I still love Mike Sloat, though, despite not being a part of the lax bros.” The lacrosse team should continue to bring excitement to students both on and off the team. Expect a rise in popularity in attendance just like the hockey team has in the past few years.

            Football players, on the other hand, feel a bit differently about their sport. Senior Blake Teel says,”After playing football for all of my high school life and seeing lacrosse players play for a couple of years, I think it’s kind of funny they think they’re better but football players work harder and play harder.” The football team has stepped it up in the past four years, making the playoffs in three of the last four seasons. Although they haven’t been able to make it past the first round, they are still pretty good.  Ex-football stud Junior Jimmy Skaaland says, “I got bros on both teams so call me neutral.” They have played with a lot of passion with a young team and expect a lot out of them in the near future.

It’s tough to say which team is better, considering how much they put on and off the field. Though at times they might seem full of themselves, they’re only showing their Eagle pride and passion for their sport.