Tampa Bay Lightning

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

The recent success of the Tampa Bay Rays and Buccaneers seems to be the main focus of the city or state. This year it is a completely different story and a new team has came up to talk about recently. The Tampa Bay Lightning this year have been more then great but phenomenal. Everyone should be talking about this team. At the moment the team sits in first place for their division. Leading the Capitals by a couple games, the Lightning have the second most points in the whole league. The offense is one way they were able to win most of their games. They have one of the best offensive players in the game. Steven Stamkos leads the teams in scores with 73 and is one of the NHL’s premiere scorers. Also another contributor to this high powered offense is the veteran Martin St. Louis. Louis is just behind Stamkos in goals with 65 and is just another reason why they are able to get it done on the ice. This might be the X factor to the recent success but you cant take away what the defense has been able to accomplish. Tampa Bay’s goalie Dwayne Roloson is a pretty solid wall guarding the net. His save percent is over 900 and every game gives the team a great chance to win. Don’t forget the new coach and and ownership they have this year. This might have encouraged the players to play harder knowing they have nothing to lose or they simply like the environment head coach Guy Boucher gives off. At this rate the team is heading to the playoffs and will be a dominant team as they progress. With their recent years being easy to forget, they have moved on and finally got their stuff together and are a good contender for the Stanley Cup. I think it is time to drop everything else and focus on the Lightning and cheer them on.