Cheersport Atlanta

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

               On February 19 through the 21, the world’s largest cheerleading competition was held in Atlanta, Georgia in the Georgia Congress Center. Teams traveled far and wide to compete at this competition. The Oldsmar located all-star gym Cheer Express participated. The large senior level 3 won and on this team are students who go to East Lake, juniors Michelle Higbee and Allyson Fraizer and freshman Lindsay Kulchin. Also the large senior open coed level 5 team won their division. On this team are East Lake students juniors Kim Hunter and Emily McGuiness and freshmen Zoe Robinson and Annie Appenzeller.

              Thousands of teams showed up for this competition but not everyone walked away victoriously. Cheer Express worked very hard and their effort showed when two of their teams won. Their hard work was rewarded. The whole city of Atlanta knows when the competition comes to town because there are Cheersport banners hanging on light posts and on billboards. Hotels are packed with cheerleaders and their families and supporters. Glitter and bows are found everywhere, and every restaurant, packed with cheerleaders, and has long lines.

              Most people wonder why this competition is so big and important. Well unlike most competitions when there is one team performing at a time on one stage, there are five stages with teams competing at the same exact time. The warm up arena is huge as well with 50 mats teams use during their warm up rotation. It is very intimidating watching your competitors warming up right next to you. It adds to the competitiveness and the anticipation.

              Anything can happen at this competition and that is what makes it so exciting to watch and see what teams push through and take home the gold and which ones have a stunt fall or a tumbling crash. Don’t worry there are emergency doctors and nurses in the arena just in case.