Baseball Spotlight: Eric Hanhold: the Fury Within

Sawyer Wilson, Staff Writer

The East Lake baseball team has been very fortunate over the past few years in that the team has received many talented players. The team has had a winning record for the past four years, thanks in large part to the bountiful fruits harvested from the Oldsmar and East Lake Little League’s players and timely transfers.

                This lucky streak continues with the emergence of right handed pitcher Eric Hanhold. Eric is a 6’4, 175 pound physical specimen that embodies many of the qualities that a pitcher needs to be successful. Boasting an embarrassment of riches arsenal to attack opposing teams with, his repertoire includes a 4 seam fastball, a 2 seam fastball, a power curve, a circle change, and a cutter. Eric has made short work of his opponents so far this season, including a dominating performance against rival Dunedin.

                I recently had the fortune to sit down with Eric and get to know him a little better and interview him on the season so far.

Sawyer:                  So Eric, what have you done differently this year?
Eric:          Well not much, just worked hard on my stuff. I was just given the chance to play this year

Sawyer:                  What kind of preparation do you do before a game?

Eric:         I just relax and try not to think much about it

Sawyer:  What is your favorite moment of the year so far?

Eric:          Probably being able to pitch against Dunedin as effectively as I did

Sawyer: When are you most confident on the mound?

Eric:        When I get to throw my fastball and locate it. It’s my best pitch.

The season is still young and the future looks bright this season for Eric. We wish him and the rest of the Eagles baseball team good luck this year.