Showing Weakness

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

The most talked about team in the whole NBA has to be the Miami Heat. With the talent they have on the team, it’s hard not to. Many analysts have them making it all the way to the finals in the first year of the big three playing with each other. This may be true since they still hold a good record of 42-20 and have cruised by many teams, but they still have to make a statement. They have not been able to beat any of the top teams in the East such as the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and even the New York Knicks. Besides all of that, they as of late, have been having a hard time closing out games. They are able to win the first half of many of their games but are giving up an average of 42.6 points per game in the second half. They have dropped their last six out of seven games, 5 of those in a row, and still looking for answers on how to win and close games. Maybe their biggest problem is the Heat doesn’t have a closer. You would think they do knowing the type of skill set of the team has but no one can step up and close in the fourth quarter. LeBron James is 0 for 4 for shots either to win or tie a game this season. LeBron feels embarrassed and wants the rock still, but how long can the team wait for a a game winning shot? The club is already starting to “heat” up in the locker room and much disappointment is in the air. Until they can find a closer and someone who can take the game over, they will have a hard time winning games in the extremely competitive Eastern Conference