A new breed of fighter

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

With March Madness underway, it seems nothing but that exists in the sports world. Everything is pushed aside to watch the college hoop games, but this year it is a different story. Every year as the basketball playoffs are under way, so are the NCAA’s wrestling tournament. This tournament normally never gets any type of attention but this year is special. A wrestler out of Arizona State has been able to capture the media’s attention and stun people all over the world. Anthony Robles, a wrestler from Arizona State University, has recently won the NCAA Division I tournament for the 125 pound weight class. The special and remarkable thing about this is Robles only has one leg. Robles was born with one leg, and never let anything get in the way of his impairment. He first started wrestling as a freshman and won two state titles as a high schooler. Now 22, has won a Division I title for college and went undefeated. Even though he has one leg, there is much controversy to his fighting style. Even though he has one leg, his upper body makes up for it. His upper body strength is equivalent to a 180 pound wrestler, which gives him a huge advantage when wrestling. Despite the fact he has such a huge advantage, he still only has one leg and is making history. The more important thing about this story is it teaches everyone around the world that even though you may be impaired, you can still accomplish your goals and be successful in life.