David Beckham

Ivan Zigarevich, Staff Writer

            I’m sure some of us remember when David Beckham was all over the media because he decided to play for the LA Galaxy MLS soccer team. LA was already one of the most noticeable US clubs because of world cup super stars like Colby Jones and Landon Donovan. So when David Beckham decided to make America his home and LA his team, the US soccer world went insane.

             What many people are not aware of is how extremely uneventful his presence has been. Many speculated that David Beckham’s talents and leadership mixed in with the LA Galaxy and their massive amount of talent would lead to many trophies and achievements. One of which being the MLS cup that LA has not held high in quite some time. It’s unfortunate to say that that is exactly what did not happen. In his first season with the Galaxy he only played eight games with only getting a win from one match. Also he was only able to score one goal and have three assists. David Beckham helped LA sellout for most of their home games and filled most of the seats at their away games. Beckham became the captain of the team and is played some outstanding leadership skills, but not anything special like when he was the captain of England. Beckham brought a couple moments of brilliance, but it was not enough for LA to make it to the MLS Cup finals. Many gave Beckham the benefit of the doubt because it was his first season and he had to deal with obstacles like a new coach, a new team, and he battled a nasty ankle injury throughout the season. During the summer though he became the bad guy when he requested a transfer loan to the Italian club AC Milan. Due to the fact he was on loan he would only be gone when the MLS was not in season. People still saw this as disrespect to the MLS and LA Galaxy. Many were skeptical on how Beckham made the MLS all-star game each year when he displayed such disrespect to the league. He did have his most successful season in 08” scoring five goals and eleven assists. After the 09” season being another disappointment Beckham became a cancer. In 09” he had no goals and only one assist. Beckhams plans to go on loan each summer became the plan for America’s number one player Landon Donovan. Donovan went on loan to Everton where he performed at a very high level. It’s not unusual for US players to go on loan because the MLS wages for players are pretty low and going on loan to bigger clubs gives players the opportunity to make more money, but Beckham was getting paid 9 million dollars a year, plus he was pulling in money from his sponsors Addidas, Versace, and his own cologne/brand and he has been progressing lately and has shown a lot of promise when LA made the semi-finals in the playoffs last year4. LA is looking strong this year, but if they don’t get the results they want Beckham will surely be the scapegoat to be slaughtered. Beckham and the Galaxy have started their season strong. With talents like Beckham and Donovan playing together well people are starting to put LA as one of the front runners for the title. So far Beckham has two assist in the first three games this season, and LA has only one loss.