Manny being Manny….again

Imran Ahmed, Web Editor

The Tampa Bay Rays have begun this season on the wrong track with a 4-8 record although they have picked up the pace with three straight wins including a walk off home run from the new guy in town Johnny Damon. Many reasons have contribute to this slow start for a team that was expected to contend with the best in the AL East but distractions in the locker room could be a heavy contributor to a very slow start .
Last Friday, it was revealed that DH Manny Ramirez was tested positive for using a performance enhancing drug for the second time in his career. Under the MLB drug policy, Ramirez was to be suspended for 100 games of the regular season and had to take part in a drug treatment program. Instead of sitting out for 100 games, he consulted with his agent and unexpectedly decided to abandon his teammates and hung up the cleats. After 16 years in the Major Leagues and a very bright career in the Majors, Manny threw his Hall of Fame career for a couple of encounters with steroids. This was a crushing blow to the already low payroll of the Tampa Bay Rays, which essentially gave up $2 million for a man who had one hit in 5 games until his fallout recently. “ Manny was a waste of two million dollars,” says senior Ryan Silverman. However, Rays fans should be feeling optimistic as the team is finally building some momentum with the emergence of several new guys, namely right fielder Sam Fuld, who is making his presence felt after the departure of superstar Carl Crawford, who signed a lucrative deal with the rival Boston Red Sox in the offseason. The moment is continuing to build here in Tampa and with Evan Longoria set to come back off the DL in a couple weeks things should be looking even brighter at the Trop in the near future.