NBA player fined for harsh words

Imran Ahmed, Web Editor


For the second time in over a month the NBA cracked down on another NBA player for using an anti-gay slur.  On Sunday night in Miami, Joakim Noah used an anti gay slur against a fan that was trying his patience. For his inexcusable actions he was fined $50,000. The odd part about this situation was that a month prior to this, superstar Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for a similar anti-gay slur except it was directed at a NBA official. Both of these players have accepted both of their fines but it seems like the fine towards Noah seems a little biased considering both of these players said basically the same thing expect for the fact that Kobe Bryant is a higher paid player and the NBA favoring a referee over a fan who pays a good amount of money to come out and see a game.

                After Noah publicly apologized during a press conference, the NBA began publishing ads stating everyone should think before they speak and not use any terms that are derogatory to the gay community. I see what the NBA is trying to do here, trying to promote people from speaking out against gays, but part of what we hear or see from these players is due to the camera work by TNT and ESPN; they seem to purposefully try to target players and I feel with how much work they have on the court, if they have a reason to get upset, they should be able to express themselves. However, using such slurs is intolerable; therefore, the NBA will continue to crack down on anti gay slurs. In the meantime fans should continue to cheer on their team without getting carried away with the insults.