Surging Indians

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

For years now the Cleveland Indians had been the laughing stock of the American League, competing in the Central Division. Once a great organization and a winning ball club, going to the playoffs five different times and the World Series twice, the Tribe had fallen on hard times. Despite their success in the 1990’s, their fortune had run out. These Indians haven’t made it to the playoffs since 2001 and have had a losing record each of those years except for 2007.  Since the turn of the new decade, they seem to turning their luck around and are now the best team record wise in the MLB. With a record of 30-16, they are in first place in their division while the nearest team behind them is seven games back.  Last year they posted a record of 69-93 and finished second to last in the Central Division’s standings. Now they are at the top and turned it around unexpectedly, shocking many. They are for real, being able to beat highly valued teams like the Boston Red Sox. The Indians are already 4-1 playing them this year. Even though they don’t have the big clean-up hitter or a big named pitcher, they are getting it done playing small ball, bunting and moving runners over, just smart baseball, with Justin Masterson at the top of the pitching rotation and Asdrubal Cabrera leading the way as their veteran hitter. If they continue to play the way they are, they have a good chance of winning their division and possibly reaching the 90 wins in a season, which will be a huge accomplishment due to their recent failure.