University of Miami players dominate in the League

Parker Fox, Sports Editor

              To its haters, it’s “Thug U,” and to its fans it’s “the U,” but regardless of your opinion on the Miami Hurricanes football program, it’s undeniable that it can be best described as “NFL U.”  Even during times when the Canes haven’t had good seasons, players from those teams are still usually selected high up in the NFL Draft. 

                Multiple records have been set by Miami players in the NFL.  At least one former `Cane has now scored a touchdown every NFL week since Week 15 of the 2002 season – a span of 124 straight weeks.  That attests to not just the number of former players in the NFL, but the types of players they are- playmakers.  Devin Hester, Clinton Portis, Andre Johnson, just to name a few.  In 2004, six Miami players were selected in the first round.  That means one out of every seven players selected in the first round that year were Hurricanes, a mind-boggling statistic considering there are 625 4-year football universities in the country. 

             You could make the case that the 2001-2002 Miami team was the best college football team ever.  Notables from that one roster include Kevin Beard, Phillip Buchanon, Vernon Carry, Najeh Davenport, Ken Dorsey, Frank Gore, Kelley Jennings, Andre Johnson, Willis McGahee, Bryant McKinnie, Roscoe Parrish, Clinton Portis, Ed Reed, Antrel Rolle, Mike Rumph, Jeremy Shockey, Sean Taylor, Jonathan Vilma, Vince Wilfork, D.J. Williams, and Kellen Winslow Jr. 

           “I hate Miami, but they have so many players in the NFL,” says freshman Sean Caulfield, an FSU fan.  “I have four (former) Miami players on my fantasy roster alone.”

         With 46 players on NFL rosters, Miami ranks ahead of Ohio State (44), FSU (41), Georgia (37), Michigan (36), and Tennessee (36). 

            In 2010 eleven former Miami players were selected to the Pro Bowl.  In 2011 it was ten former players on the roster.  Second closest was Tennessee with five, and the only other universities with three or more former players on the roster were Michigan, Virginia Tech, and Cal with three each.  The ten ‘Canes are headlined by AFC starters Andre Johnson (Texans), Reggie Wayne (Colts), Ray Lewis (Ravens), Ed Reed (Ravens) and Vince Wilfork (Patriots).  Also joining their fellow alums in pro football’s all-star game are Antrell Rolle (Giants), Brandon Meriweather (Patriots), Devin Hester (Bears), Jon Beason (Panthers), and recent addition Jonathan Vilma (Saints).

             If you’re not impressed by the Miami alumni in the NFL, I challenge you to watch Sportscenter on Monday morning every week of the upcoming NFL season and see if you don’t hear the name of at least one former Hurricane.  The chances are slim, assuming that all players who scored touchdowns are noted.  Both the depth and the quality of former Hurricanes in the NFL make the University of Miami “NFL U.”