2011 Noles look to reach the BCS

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

One of the most hyped up teams in all of college football this year is the number five ranked  Florida State Seminoles. Rated to have one of the best recruiting classes in all of college football, FSU is expected to do big things. Last year they ended their season 10-4 and won their bowl game. Even though it is considered a good year, they are not satisfied with their season since they feel they still have the talent and coaching they had in the 90’s when they won two national titles.

With top 2010 recruit running back James Wilde, the team is expecting to make it to a BCS bowl game or even the national championship game. Returning quarterback E.J Manual and linebacker Nigel Bradham will solidify and lead this Florida State team to victories in the future. So far the brand new season is off to a great start. FSU defeated and shutout Louisiana Monroe in a 34-0 ball game. Through week one, they are the only team to throw up a shutout. Week 2 takes them to Charleston Southern which should be another easy game for the team. The only ranked teams they play this year are #1 Oklahoma and #18 Florida. If the Seminoles are able to get through those two games, FSU has a great shot to fight for the title. As for now they are going to take it week by week and reach the goals they have set out for themselves, which is simply to return to the glory days of the 90’s and win a national championship game.