Streak Snapped

Drake Rowland, Staff Writer

               Peyton Manning’s consecutive start streak came to an end Sunday, September 11th. Manning is still trying to recover from his neck surgery he had over the off season. Since there was a lockout he didn’t have full time to rehab it. He underwent surgery for his neck which could keep him sidelined for the season. He had 208 consecutive starts in the regular season and 19 straight starts in the post season. His streak was the longest of any active player. He probably could’ve had the new NFL record if he didn’t get injured. His streak began when he started his first game in the 1998 season.

                Manning’s streak is impressive because he did it all for one team. The leader Brett Favre with 321 consecutive starts played for more than one team during his streak. Manning also started since he was drafted which is also very unusual. The position he plays is one of the toughest as far as getting hit a lot is concerned so a streak of this many games is really remarkable. There have been many games Manning could’ve stayed out and rested for the playoffs, but he always wanted to start.

                It was really obvious that the Colts are missing Manning. On Sunday, they played their divisional opponent Houston and they got destroyed 34-7. Their backup quarterback Kerry Collins had one touchdown along with two fumbles. Manning is their leader and he makes defenses around the league fear the Colts offense. Peyton Manning seems like he carries the team. It is rumored that Manning will return this season but there is no time table. Many Colts fans don’t even want Manning to play this year just in case of an injury. Junior Mark Salem said, “Colts could very well be the worst team in the league without Manning.”

                As you can see the Colts are Manning less and are struggling. His impact is felt when you see the Colts lose by so many points. With the streak snapped, the new current league of consecutive starts is Peyton’s brother Eli who has 111 consecutive starts. Without Manning, the Colts look down. Junior Shane Fagan said, “I drafted Peyton Manning in my fantasy football league; now I’m done.” Manning is a sign of loyalty and professionalism. Hopefully he will recover soon so we can watch him play this year.