Ohio State Out of Top 25?

Drake Rowland, Staff Writer

When you say Ohio State University football, you instantly think top 25, but now that is not so. The Buckeyes dropped out of the top 25 for the first time since 2004. It is remarkable to think that for seven years they have remained in the top 25 polls. Now Alabama holds the longest time in the top 25. This is just the slightest of Ohio State’s problems.

                With Buckeyes former quarterback Terrelle Pryor leaving the team for the NFL, the team has had problems at quarterback. He illegally received tattoos which has resulted into a big scandal. This scandal has also resulted in the suspensions of some players that still do attend and play football at Ohio State University.  Also, their head coach during the reign of seven straight years in the top 25, Jim Tressel, basically was forced to resign. Junior Mark Salem said, “Being a Gator fan right now is great. Our team is rebuilding and starting to look strong again while one of our arch rivals has a scandal involving them.”

                It has been rumored that the coach for Ohio State right now is just there in waiting; some say former Gator coach Urban Meyer might take the job there. As a huge Gator fan, I feel that would just be terrible for him to do. Ohio State was and still is one of the Gators’ biggest rivals ever since the Gators beat them in both the football and basketball championships in ’06, while Meyer was coaching at UF.

                With the scandal, the Buckeyes football team might not be in the discussion for being in the top 25 for awhile. Some of their penalties could be forfeiting scholarships and even not being able to participate in bowl games like the University of Southern California, who also had a scandal involving a big named player Reggie Bush.  With the Buckeyes seeming to be rebuilding and recovering now it seems like non-BCS conference teams might have a better chance at making it to a BCS bowl game and even winning the Big 10. Teams like Iowa, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, and Minnesota could all step up and be contenders now as to opposed to the past years they were dominated by Ohio State.