Donovan McNabb’s career on the slide

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

As of now, the NFL teams that are great or even decent all start from the core or the basics, which is having a solid quarterback. When you think about it, teams like the Eagles, Patriots, and the Packers are all winning teams simply because they have great quarterbacks.

   If we rewound time about seven-ten years ago, Donovan McNabb would fall into the mix of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. Now entering his 12th season, he has thrown 230-115 TD/INT ratio and 36,250 career passing yards as well as appearing in six Pro-Bowls  and being named NFC offensive player of the year.

    But that was then and this is now…… he has played now for two other teams after the Eagles. First it was Washington, where he found himself on the bench. He is now currently now with the Minnesota Vikings where he is slowly learning he is no longer the quarterback he used to be. So far McNabb has started the 2011 season 0-3 and has yet to have a 300 passing yard game. In the first week he only threw for 38 yards and the next two for a little over 200 with two touchdowns and one interception. “He is no longer the quarterback people use to fear to play,” said senior Eric Hanholde. As of right now, he is under fire and is searching for a way to win because if he can’t, the Vikings might have to go with their first round draft pick in Christian Ponder and see what he can do. But as of now, if McNabb cannot win, he will not have the starting job at quarterback for much longer.