Andrew Luck Sweepstakes will be a race to last place

Parker Fox, Sports Editor

The NFL is undoubtedly a quarterback’s league.  The teams with the best QBs are the one who achieve success year in and year out.  Think about the best franchises in the NFL over the past few years– the Patriots, the Colts, the Packers, the Saints – all these teams have elite quarterbacks.  Unlike other positions, it is commonly thought that only ten or so guys in the world can play the position effectively.  So when a potentially franchise-changing quarterback like Andrew Luck comes through the draft, struggling teams cannot help but to check their loss column against some of the other league duds.

As it stands, the Dolphins, Colts, and Rams are tied at the top (bottom) of the standings to get Luck.  But would the Rams or Colts have use for Luck, considering the Rams already have Sam Bradford and the Colts plan to have their star QB Peyton Manning back next season?  They would probably draft Luck and trade him for multiple first round picks or in the Rams’ case, trade Bradford.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  These teams have gotten off to a fast start, but it is a sixteen game season, and only the worst teams can last with less than a couple W’s.  The Dolphins and Rams have the experience to get it done, with the Dolphins going 1-15 in 2007 and the Rams having been one of the league’s worst since the Greatest Show on Turf in ’01.  Some Cinderella stories are bound to materialize by about Week 15 or 16, making the race a close one.  Potential bracket busters include Cleveland (they know how to get it done), Cincinnati (one of the greatest losing cultures in the NFL), and Kansas City (who, however, had an unfortunate comeback last week against Minnesota).

“I feel bad about it, but I’m hoping the Dolphins lose every game this season,” says senior and Dolphins fan Shane Smith.  “It’s not that I will cheer against them; it’s just that we have no shot at the playoffs anyway so it’s just a way to rebuild for the future.”

NFL GMs with no realistic chance at success this season will spend the next three months secretly excited as the opposition crosses into the end zone, as they see their chances at Luck increase just a little bit more.