Poll streak paused

Drake Rowland, Staff Writer

For the past three decades college football teams in Florida have been topping the polls. For 472 consecutive Associated Press Polls there was a Florida team in it. This is really remarkable considering there are over 140 other Division I teams that are eligible for the polls. Florida, Florida State, and Miami are normally the Florida teams that are in the polls but recently South Florida and Central Florida have been popping in and out of the polls.

            Florida dropped out of the polls after losing by 30 to the number one team LSU. The week before they lost to the number three team Alabama. These are just two of the many tough opponents in their brutal SEC schedule. The Gators have dominated the polls since the late 90’s. They are currently ranked 26 and are barely out of the polls. They had a hard loss on Saturday at Auburn which didn’t help their chances in getting back into the polls.

            Miami dominated the polls in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They have been struggling the past years to remain in the polls and haven’t really been doing too well after losing to Virginia Tech in a close game this past Saturday. Miami fan Ryan Simpson said, “Our defense couldn’t stop the run, plain and simple why we lost.” They also have lost to Kansas State and their opener at Maryland. They are also involved in a huge scandal that could have big implications on their program for a few years.

            Florida State, like Florida, also has dominated the polls since the 90’s with a recent drop off in the early 2000’s. They had a long streak of top 10 finishes during that time. Florida State lost to a much weaker Wake Forest team, which caused them to drop out of the polls. They have lost three straight against the number two team Oklahoma, Clemson, and Wake Forest. Most fans think that Jimbo Fisher will turn the program into an elite powerhouse but the Noles did their damage when Bobby Bowden was their head coach. Florida State fan Danny Havican said, “Watch out for Florida State next year. We are going to make a run for the title.”

            472 straight polls is a great accomplishment for the state. It will be interesting to see if the teams can keep up their dominance. It will be also fun to see if Florida can get all five of its major universities into the polls. Florida has to be by far one of the best football states in the country.