Tebow time?

Drake Rowland, Staff Writer

On Sunday, Tim Tebow helped the Denver Broncos to an historic victory. The victory was historic because his team scored 15 points in under three minutes to tie the score. Their team was down 15 points in the fourth quarter and they rallied behind Tebow and scored 18 straight points, including a field goal in overtime. Tebow threw for 161 yards along with two touchdowns. Many people believe it is finally his time in Denver. Although many people don’t think he is an NFL quarterback, he continues to prove he can win games.

                This season Tebow has three passing touchdowns along with no interceptions which is one of the big question marks that surrounded him. The question marks are that he can’t play quarterback in the NFL and he won’t be accurate. He also has a quarterback rating of 94.4. Throughout his life Tebow has had struggles he’s had to deal with. His mother was supposed to have a miscarriage when they had him but he somehow lived and they call him their miracle child. He has also had some much criticism about his style of play and his throwing motion, but yet he continues to prove people wrong.

                Tebow will go into his 5th NFL start next Sunday vs. the Lions. Gator fan Nicole Muller said, “It is great to see people finally believing in Tebow and giving him a shot.” Tebow has had some help from his running back Willis McGahee. It is ironic though the same week Tebow was named the starter was the same week the Broncos shipped off their best wide receiver Brandon Lloyd for a draft pick. It seems that they’d try to put more talent around him, not trade it away.

                At the beginning of the year, they tried to trade their starter Kyle Orton so Tebow could start right away but never got what they wanted in return. It is quite comical that Orton is still the captain and has to do the coin tosses. It must be terrible to stand up for a coin toss and then have to go find a seat on the bench for the rest of the game.

                It will be interesting to see how many games Tebow will help the Broncos win this year. As they are 2-4 and probably looking towards next season, it will be a great time for Tebow to improve and try to become a top NFL quarterback. Just as his parents call him the “miracle child,” let’s see if he has any more miracles left in him.