Blockbuster deals

Drake Rowland, Staff Writer

Earlier this month the NBA season looked like a long shot. Now that the first couple games will start on Christmas day, the phones have been ringing off the hook ever since there was word of a season. Names like Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are the major items teams want, which is surprising because both these guys only have a year or two left on their contract, and most teams would want a sign and trade deal.

                Recently the Magic have said Howard was off the trade block. The big news was that Chris Paul was traded to the young, rising Clippers. Included in the deal was young and talented guard Eric Gordon, who went to New Orleans. There were other players in the deal along with numerous future draft choices. The Lakers sent a trade which both teams agreed on earlier in the week, but since the Hornets are owned by the league, Commissioner David Stern didn’t accept the trade. Many fans were shocked that this could even happen and once the Clippers got Paul everyone who was involved with the Lakers went ballistic. Lakers star Kobe Bryant was mad that the Lakers traded away Lamar Odom for almost nothing. Many people found this a real dumb move.

                This trade really makes the Clippers an interesting team, with Blake Griffin, whom people think could be the most exciting player in the NBA, and a great point guard with Paul. This combination could have them destine for a playoff push. Junior Steven Dimech said, “I really think the Clippers could go far this year, especially since it’s a shorten season.” They also have signed Chauncey Billups, who will be a good veteran leader.

                With Chris Paul a Clipper, Dwight staying in Orlando, Lamar in Dallas, and the Lakers coming away with nothing, it will be interesting to see how it will play out with a short season. Along with all these teams, there is the “dream team” Miami Heat with a lot of talent. With a shortened season, it will probably be better for the NBA in general because most fans watch just the playoffs. There will probably be more teams making big moves which will be fun to watch.