Eagles repeat State Champions in Girls Volleyball

Tampa Bay Times

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

            Coming into this season there was a lot of speculation on how the Eagles would manage after losing head coach Terry Small, and their powerhouse middle Lauran Eschenroeder.  The mystery of who would lead the Eagles was answered when Mike Estes, head coach of the Eagles’ softball team and father of star Brittnay Estes, was chosen with no volleyball experience over much more qualified applicants. Many people were unsure as to why this was, but Brittnay knew her dad could handle it.  The team proved her right , ending the season with a 27-1 record,  ranked 45th in the nation.  Mike Estes knew what role he needed to fill with this team; they already had the talent, knowledge and system to win a second championship.  All he had to do was keep them focused and motivated.

            Brittany was suffering from a severe allergic reaction to food but stepped up in the semi-final and final games of this year’s state championship and showed exactly the kind of leader she truly is.  “Throughout the playoffs they played like there was no way anyone was going to beat them and they had their goal in mind and stuck to it throughout,” said Coach Estes.

            When asked which game she thought her team played the best in, Brittany responded, “Berkeley Prep was by far our best showing; everyone played with heart and intensity.  Even though it was the only game we lost and I’m still proud that we were able to take it to five games with a team that is ranked 9th in the nation.”  She was not the lone leader in the senior class, though; there were plenty of them such as Brianna McComeskey, Rachel Reed, Jackie Wegner, and  Julia Brunner.  Having won a state championship as juniors proved beneficial, letting these upperclassmen know what it took to reach that goal.  At the season ending banquet were awards given out to offensive MVP Jackie Wegner, defensive MVP Brianna McComeskey and overall MVP Brittnay Estes.