NFL playoffs off to a wild start

Drake Rowland, Staff Writer

Every New Year there is new hope and changes; it’s the same with the NFL playoffs. Once you get in, anything is possible and there is a different winner a majority of the time. This year has been surrounded by pass heavy offenses. Whether it’s Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers or Drew Brees’ New Orleans Saints, any team has a chance. There are also many quarterbacks in the playoffs that have had playoff experience, even Super Bowl experience.

                This year seems like most years as in it will be the quarterback who plays best will lead his team to the championship. Senior Kenny Bright said, “As a Packers fan, I think you can’t find another team that can beat them. Aaron Rodgers is the man. If their defense can do a decent job, they will win it all again.” The teams with the hardest times will probably be the much criticized Denver Broncos, the Texans, who have lost three quarterbacks this year and heavily rely on the running game to carry them, and the Lions, who haven’t made the playoffs in forever.

                Five out of the twelve staring quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl. Junior Mark Salem said, “I think Drew Brees is a force in the playoffs and deserves the MVP this year and I think he has a chance to win three awards this year, MVP, Super Bowl Champion, and Super Bowl MVP.” Most people have it coming down between the Saints and Packers in the NFC so the real discussion is who will win the AFC. The Patriots have a real good shot if their defense can do even a little something because everyone knows what Mr. Brady does in the postseason.

                After the Wildcard weekend of the playoffs, there was already some excitement. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow had his first career 300 yard passing game against the strong favored Pittsburgh Steelers, leading his team to the win. The New York Giants dominated the Atlanta Falcons, while Houston also handled their opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals. The New Orleans Saints started slow but got back into form and beat the Detroit Lions.

                It should be a very interesting and crazy post season for sure and to see which quarterback will take another step to be elite will be exciting. If I had to pick a team, I’m going with the Saints; I just think it’s Brees’ time again. Even though everyone is talking about the quarterbacks, it probably come down to which team’s defense plays and performs the best.