West Virginia stomps Clemson in Orange Bowl

Parker Fox, Sports Editor

After seeing the Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and Sugar Bowl being decided in the final seconds or in overtime, the Orange Bowl provided was a different type of game entirely with West Virginia routing Clemson 70-33, and several scoring records being reached. Mountaineers QB Geno Smith tied an Orange Bowl record with six touchdowns, and his team actually scored five touchdowns in the second quarter alone.  WR Tavon Austin tied a record for any bowl game with four touchdown catches.

            “If you like football, this was a game to watch,” said 2010 graduate John Gonzalez.  That is, of course, if you like offense.  Clemson’s meager 33 points weren’t enough to keep up with the surge in offense recently seen in college football.  Teams like Oklahoma State, Stanford, Oregon, and Wisconsin have been putting up huge numbers on offense all season, but WVU’s 70 in a BCS game stood out over their offensive achievements.

            To Clemson, it seemed they were helpless in stopping West Virginia’s potent attack.  Head Coach Dabo Swinney said, “It was like a virus.”  When looking at the box score, one has to wonder if West Virginia ran up the score.  How else could a team put up 70 point against the ACC Champions?  But West Virginia only scored seven points in the entire 4th quarter.  The bulk of the damage was done in the 2nd quarter, with a mind boggling 35 points for West Virginia in the 15 minutes period. 

            “Maybe the Big East isn’t that bad after all,” says senior Brandon Jeffries.  “Or maybe the ACC is just pathetic.  The Big 12 will be looking pretty strong next season with West Virginia heading over there.”

            Another high-scoring bowl game was the Alamo Bowl, QB Robert Griffin III and Baylor defeated Washington 67-56.