Dolphins’ front office shows unprecedented ineptitude

Parker Fox, Sports Editor

Major league sports come down to the foresight and decisions made by a team’s front office.  An obvious example was the drafting of QB Tom Brady by the Patriots organization in the 6th round.  That single pick, considered to be a shot in the dark at the time, led to three Super Bowl rings and a dynasty in New England over the past ten years.  To juxtapose the Patriots’ front office, there is the Miami Dolphins’ front office.

            Under the fearless leadership of Chairman of the Board Stephen Ross, the Dolphins thought that former Chargers QB Drew Brees was quite simply not of the elite caliber of another QB, Daunte Culpepper.  Besides, Brees was coming off of shoulder surgery that off-season and Culpepper was a can’t-miss kind of guy.  Culpepper arrived in South Florida with a knee injury of his own, actually, and it took all of two games for the Miami fans to begin booing.  A 1-3 start for Culpepper in his tenure with the Dolphins ignited a heated argument with then Head Coach Nick Saban.  A season ending shoulder surgery weeks later officially ended the Culpepper era in Miami.  On a side note, Brees has won a Super Bowl since being passed up by Miami and picked up by the Saints and broke Dan Marino’s single season passing record in 2011. 

            Unfortunately, the Daunte Culpepper saga is only a single example of incredible incompetence.  In 2009, the ‘Phins wasted a valuable second round pick on West Virginia QB Pat White.  White appeared the following season exclusively in the pistol package that was designed specifically for his athletic ability.  The pistol offense that season may be one of the worst offensive displays in the history of the NFL.  White, the prized second round pick, lasted all of one season in the NFL and was released the next summer. 

            Naturally when Bill Parcells joined the organization, the current members of the front office felt they knew better than the two-time Super Bowl winning coaching legend.  Parcells had some success forming a defense, specifically scouting undrafted linebacker Cameron Wake.  But Parcells became fed up with the entire organization and left his position as Executive Vice President of Football Operations three years after joining the team.      

            Most recently, this past off-season featured multiple quality options for the Dolphins to sign a quarterback.  The organization pledged that they would outspend anyone to land Peyton Manning and were able to get him to visit in South Florida, but to no avail.  Former Packers backup Matt Flynn was another hot free agent, but he eventually signed with the Seahawks.  The Dolphins failed to trade up to draft on of this draft’s top quarterbacks, with Washington trading up to the two spot and likely preparing to draft Robert Griffin III.  In a league defined by franchise quarterbacks, that leaves the Dolphins with Matt Moore and free agent signee David Garrard, clearly not long-term solutions.  And so I ask, why are the men in the Dolphins front office being paid to systematically destroy a once proud franchise?