Dwight Howard opts to stay with the Magic

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

With one more year on his contract and the option to be traded this year was all-star center Dwight Howard for the Orlando Magic. He made it clear in the offseason or during the NBA lockout that he was pretty much demanding the front office to trade him before the season started. With the lockout occurring at the same time, no major negotiations took place but Howard pressed on. Howard, a three time defensive player of the year and considered the best center in the NBA, has no desire to stay in the city he has spent his eight season career in and declared he wanted to be traded to another team of his liking before the end of the season. Howard had a sense that the Magic’s better days are behind them and wants to go to a team that has a chance to win a world championship. Very open about his wanting to move to a better team, the Magic’s front office and the players surrounding Howard as well tried their very best to keep Howard to stay in Orlando by bringing in Glen Davis and Hedo Turkoglu and playing to their fullest potential.


    As the season begun, talks started to rise between the Lakers and the Nets. Despite the money both of the organization hold, the Magic still weren’t satisfied with the offers they were receiving and the talks went on. As the days went on, the Lakers slowly backed out of the trade talk and it was the Nets standing alone. To make it worse, Howard was very open with the public about the possible move and almost toyed with the people in Orlando and his teammates, doing it in an unprofessional way. As the season progressed the team still performed at a high level and Howard, of course, holds the most blocks, rebounds, and points throughout the season of any other center in the NBA. Due to the Magic’s success, their plan was working and started to alter Howard’s mind. Creeping in on the trade deadline, the Magic played the two best teams in the NBA, the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. Both games the Magic came out with a win and the team showed Howard that they are not done and can still compete against the best. This being said, Dwight Howard changed his mind in the last week of the deadline and stated he wants to finish the year with this team and think about getting any type of trade done in the offseason. So for now Howard is going to stay in Orlando but looks a bit desperate by the Magic because he made it clear he wanted nothing to do with the team and now all of a sudden wants to play the season with the. Even though it didn’t go down like the LeBron James trade, you can still relate it to Dwight’s. The worst part too is that his first gome game back after trade talk was killed, Howard received a standing ovation, giving more reason for people to think that the people of Orlando are pathetic.