Upset City

Drake Rowland, Staff Writer

Going into the 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament no one thought that Missouri or Duke would ever be upset, especially in the early rounds. After their first game, they were both one and done. These results busted brackets and broke the hearts of many fans. Huge Missouri fan Mike Noble said, “I was very angry with the loss; thought we could’ve at least beat Norfolk State.”

                Only four times in NCAA tournament history has a 15 seed beaten a 2 seed, the last was in 2001, and it happened twice in 2012 NCAA Tournament. Many fans had Missouri going to the Final Four. They lost to a very tall, scrappy Norfolk State team. Missouri just got out worked in the game and had no answer for the Spartans’ size. Norfolk State scored 84 points against Missouri on 64 possessions; that’s 1.34 points per possession, which is amazing. Norfolk State out rebounded Missouri 35 to 23 and also shot 54.2% for field goals and 52.6% from 3 point land. Missouri only shot 52.7% for field goals and 44.8% from three. Norfolk State, however, came up short against Florida in the round of 34, losing 84-50.

                Norfolk State was not the only 15 two upset in the Second Round; Lehigh University upset the prestigious Duke University. No one ever expected this. Lehigh shot better from the field and the 3 point line than Duke. Duke had an awful shooting night, shooting only 41.4% from the field and 23.1% from deep. This is very uncharacteristic for the Dukies. Duke is normally known for its outstanding shooting. Duke also had more turnovers than Lehigh 12 to eight and Lehigh also had seven steals while Duke only had four. Lehigh just outplayed Duke; Duke probably underestimated Lehigh leading to a Lehigh victory. After getting a surprising win in the second round, Lehigh fell to Xavier 70-58.

                As anyone can see, no team is a lock to win. Duke and Missouri underestimated the talent and abilities of Lehigh and Norfolk State. Mid major teams will play hard and give all they got on the court. That’s why fans have an easy time rooting for the upset no matter what the score is.