Pujols homerless with the Angels

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

One of the best players in baseball, Albert Pujols, was on the trading block this past offseason and was the biggest free agent since Alex Rodriguez when he went to the Yankees. With deals from various teams, instead of staying in the city he has played for his whole career, he decided to take his talents to the city of Los Angeles and play for the Angels in the American League. The all-star first baseman has won two World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals and has been able to hit the most home runs the quickest in the MLB. For the now 32-year-old first baseman, the expectations are high. They are expecting him to boost the offense in a major way but Pujols hasn’t lived up to the expectations just yet.


 The three time MVP is in the biggest slump of his life, coming off a solid season hitting .300 that came along with 100 RBI and 37 home runs, he is now hitting below the .230 mark and not one home run to account for in 121 at bats. Pujols is no longer looking like the batting champ he once was. Since 2003 his slugging percentage has decreased at least 300 points in the beginning of each season. Pujols says he does not feel any extra stress, just the mechanics of the swing needs to be tweaked. Even though it has only been roughly 30 games, he is not looking like the $240 million investment.