Old but still the best

Drake Rowland, Staff Writer

When people think of the New York Yankees, everyone knows Derek Jeter. He has been the face of the franchise ever since he was there as a rookie in 1995. Another star of the AL East is the Red Sox’s “Big Papi” David Ortiz. Many would have to argue that he now is the veteran leader of this team.

                Many baseball junkies never thought that they see this ever again. Everyone has been writing off Jeter’s hitting ability since he was considered “old.” Also, others didn’t think Big Papi could hit for a high average; well, they have shocked the baseball world. For the first month of the season the two are battling it out for the highest batting average in the AL. Jeter is batting an AL leading .404, playing all 25 games. Jeter has four homeruns, 13 RBIs, and on May 3rd, he hit his 500th double. Papi isn’t doing too bad either hitting .391 in 24 games. He also has six homeruns, 21 RBIs, and 11 doubles. They’re both in the top three in the AL batting average.

                It is funny how everyone wrote them off for this year, with Jeter getting older and just a year or two after Papi’s big slump and how people said he was “done.” Jeter, turning 38 in June probably has only a couple years left and he definitely wants to win one more ring to go along with his other five. He career high in average is .349 in 1999 when his team went on to win the World Series. Junior Joe Pepe said, “Jeter has been a centerpiece for the Yankees for years.” Papi is also getting up there in age at 37 and also probably only has a couple of years left. His career high in average was .322 in 2007 when his team also won the World Series.

                It’ll be interesting to see if both these stars can keep it up all season long. It’ll be fun to watch these two teams along with the rest of the AL East battle for the division title. Regardless of who you are a fan of there’s no denying that Derek Jeter and David Ortiz are two of the classiest guys in baseball.