Yu Darvish is the real deal

Drake Rowland, Staff Writer

Many different baseball executives thought that Yu Darvish might be another Asian pitcher bust. Every game he pitched he is proving people wrong. Darvish’s stats speak for themselves and even though he is 25, he is still one of the top candidates for MLB’s Rookie of the Year.

            In Darvish’s first start he was a little shaky, pitching only 5.2 innings and allowing five earned runs against the Mariners. Even though he allowed five runs, he still got the win because the Rangers’ bats scored enough runs to get it done. In his second outing he improved a lot. He allowed only one run over 5.2 innings but he ended up getting the no decision. He picked up his 2nd win, going 6.1 innings and allowing only one run in his third outing. He continued to do well in his 4th start, pitching 8.1 shutout innings against the Yankees, getting his 3rd win. Every time he is pitching he is a force on the mound. Junior Mark Salem said, “I’m glad the Rays haven’t had to face Yu yet… He’s nasty.” Darvish had another solid start against Toronto, pitching seven innings and only allowing one run. Yu pitched the first month of his career undefeated. His first defeat came against the Cleveland Indians. In the game he pitched six innings and allowed three runs. When people think about it, that’s a pretty good start. He then snapped back in to form in his next start. He pitched 5.1 innings, only giving up three runs. In his last start he pitched up his 6th win of the year, pitching 7.2 innings and only letting up one run in probably his second best start.

            There have been many Asian studs that came to the big leagues and became busts. Chien-ming Wang hasn’t been doing well in a couple years. Kei Igawa never really panned out and Daisuke Matsuzaka has had the injury bug for a couple years. Many Asian hitters, however, have been pretty good like Ichiro Suzuki, Hideki Matsui, and Shin Soo Choo.

            It’ll be interesting to see if Darvish can keep it pitching like this. If he continues, many believe he will not only win Rookie of the Year but he probably will also win 20 games. He needs to maintain his dominance for years to come so he’s not another Chien-Ming Wang or Daisuke Matsuzaka.