He’s back

Drake Rowland, Sports Editor

Many sports fans were very interested to see Peyton Manning back into action after missing time last year after having four procedures on his neck, but he seemed to return to his old self in his new uniform. Manning signed with the Denver Broncos in the offseason after the Colts didn’t resign him and chose Andrew Luck with their first overall pick.

                Manning was excited to play himself. He was in his old form leading the Broncos to a convincing 31-19 win on Sunday night against the Steelers. Most people thought Manning might show signs of rust, especially facing the tough Steelers defense. Senior Mark Salem said, “I have Peyton Manning on my fantasy team, but I benched him this week because I thought the Steelers could shut him down.” Manning was 19-26 for 253 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions. He was sacked twice but got up both times and didn’t seem to have a problem with his neck. It was also very comical because Manning had a seven yard run on third down to pick up the first down and Manning never runs the ball. With his performance and no signs of the neck being a problem, Manning seems to be ready to have a typical Manning year.

                Only time will tell if Manning is completely healthy and back to his old form but for now we assume he is. Senior Thomas Hejl said, “Manning is back and ready to lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl.” One thing is for sure and that is Manning is back. With his age increasing it will be fun to watch him easily still decipher defenses and dominate the league while we still can. Manning’s deal with the Broncos was worth five years and $96 million. It will be interesting if Manning finishes that contract out since he is already 36 years old and whether he retires as a Colt or Bronco.