Francona to try to turn the Tribe around

Drake Rowland, Sports Editor

Terry Francona decided to come back to baseball and manage the Cleveland Indians. This has to be a very positive thing for the Indians after having many years of disappointing seasons. If anyone is right for this job it is Francona. He took over the Red Sox when they hadn’t won a World Series for over 80 years, and they won the World Series the next year. However, he likely won’t be as lucky this time.

                Francona signed a four year deal and he has said that he wants to stay in Cleveland longer than that. After the firing of Bobby Valentine, many Red Sox fans thought that Francona might be coming back to Boston. Red Sox fan senior Ben Hurley said, “I wish Francona would’ve come back to Boston, but I can’t blame him for joining another team since the Red Sox did him wrong last year.” They started out doing well but they had a spectacular collapse in August and September. The Indians won 68 games this year and were 20 games back of first place in their division.

                Francona will definitely help the Indians considering the fact that they have won their division once in the past 11 years. Eric Wedge managed the team from 2003-2009, winning the division in 2007. Manny Acta took over for Wedge and never won the division. This is probably the best news Cleveland fans have received in a long time besides Trent Richardson playing well for the Cleveland Browns.

                This move won’t automatically make the Tribe playoff contenders, but it will certainly help things. It will probably attract the attention of free agents and could help them get a couple of Francona’s former players. It will be interesting to see if free agent David Ortiz will follow Francona to Cleveland. This may bring the sports fans in Cleveland hope in a sports team since there hasn’t been much to cheer about in a very long time.