The next “chosen one”?

The next chosen one?

Along with the question of where he will attend college, many wonder how a Mormon mission trip will affect his shot at the NBA.

Drake Rowland, Sports Editor

On December 20th at 3 p.m. senior forward Jabari Parker will announce where he will play his college basketball. Parker is the second best high school player in the nation and many people will be tuning in to find out where he will play his college basketball.

                Parker currently attends the famous Simeon High School in Chicago, where Benji Wilson and Derrick Rose also went. Parker has won a state championship in each of his first three years at Simeon and his team is on their way to win another one. Freshmen year he averaged 9.3 points, five rebounds, and three assists. Sophomore year he stepped up and started having more of an impact, averaging 15.3 points and 5.9 rebounds. It is pretty remarkable to think that he averaged over 15 points a game in high school with only eight minute quarters. His junior year he won a FIBA U16 Gold medal and attended LeBron James’ skills academy. He is a Mormon and BYU is a strong consideration for him simply because of that. Many people don’t know whether or not Parker will go pro because Mormons have to go on a two year mission trip and that could potentially delay his pro career. Along with BYU, the other teams Jabari is considering are Michigan, Duke, Stanford, and Florida. If he decides to play for Billy Donovon, the Gators could have the best recruiting class in the nation. The Gators also have point guard Kasey Hill and swingman Chris Walker, both five stars in the top 10. Jabari is probably the most highly regarded and watched high school basketball player since LeBron. It is crazy to think that LeBron went to the NBA at age 18 and started immediately having an impact.

                Many people will be huddled around their televisions on the 20th watching, waiting for Jabari to announce. He won’t have his own show called “The Announcement” like LeBron did but it will be highly watched. Regardless of where he chooses, the real question is will he go on the mission trip or not.