The next star on the move


Justin Upton could be leaving Arizona for a more lucrative setting.

Drake Rowland, Sports Editor

Many fans around the Tampa Bay area only know of one of the Upton brothers, BJ. His brother Justin is arguably better than BJ and likely to be on the move as well. Justin hasn’t been getting too much recognition around here because he plays in Arizona but he could be on the move.

                Justin’s career average is .278 with 108 homeruns, 147 doubles, and 363 RBIs. He can get it done on offense and defense. Many potential teams want Upton’s services. The Yankees, Orioles, Rockies, Padres, and Phillies have all shown interest in him. To get Upton the team is going to have to give up a couple big time prospects. There is a question to be asked: Is it worth getting a great player for trading away a couple of potential good players? Many teams don’t think it is, which is why they are not in the running for Upton.  People who follow the Yankees  know that they want to win now and do whatever it takes to do so, so Upton could go there. The Orioles have young talent and are a playoff team now, but are they will to give up their young talent?  Probably not. The Phillies are like the Yankees and are willing to give up whatever it takes to win and are in need of an outfielder so he could land there. Padres and Rockies both have a lot of young prospects that could interest the Diamondbacks but Upton probably wouldn’t want to play there.

                Upton could be potentially the best young outfielder in the game (only 25). Wherever he ends up, he will instantly help their club. The main problem when doing the deal is giving up too much for only one guy. A deal might not even go down, but if it does it will be one of the biggest offseason moves.