Mid-major no longer

Drake Rowland, Sports Editor

Gonzaga first came on the NCAA basketball scene back when Adam Morrison led them to the tournament and cried in the last game. Now every year they are a staple in the tournament. Next year they are moving to a major conference (Big East) to prove they can play with the big boys.

                Gonzaga is most likely going to be the number one team in college basketball on Monday. They have racked up 28 wins, which is the most in Division I basketball. They only have two losses, which were to Illinois and Butler, both ranked teams. The only thing hurting Gonzaga for the first overall seed in the tournament is that they only have one win versus a ranked opponent, which is their victory over Oklahoma State. They play in the WCC, which also doesn’t help their tournament case. They are more than likely going to get a number one seed but the question whether will it be the number one overall seed. Senior Mark Salem said, “I think Gonzaga is always a scary team come tournament time, but I don’t think they deserve a number one overall seed.” The Zags are led by Kelly Olynyk, who is averaging 18 points and seven rebounds a game. Elias Harris is averaging 14 points and eight rebounds and their only other double digit scorer is Kevin Pangos with 12 points. They have very balanced scoring, which is one reason for their good play. Mid majors normally have around five seniors who have been playing together for four years and have great chemistry. Next year the Zags are making the move to the Big East, which will help them every year come tournament time. They will definitely become battle tested, having to survive regular season play in the Big East and it will be tough for them to win their conference.

                In less than two weeks the tournament will have begun and Gonzaga will be making their way through the tournament. It will be fun to watch to see if a mid major can actually win the whole tournament and to see if Gonzaga can make it through the Big East next year. The move might not help them right away but over time they will definitely benefit from the move.