The best just keep adding


Star forward Jarome Iginla hopes to win a Stanley Cup with the Penguins.

Drake Rowland, Sports Editor

The hottest team in the NHL is no longer the Chicago Blackhawks, who started out on fire, but now the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have won their last ten games. The Pens are led by captain Sidney Crosby, who has 56 points. They seem to have the best offense in the entire league and are ready to make a big postseason run.

                The Penguins were not satisfied with their offensive firepower because they recently traded for another star forward, Jarome Iginla from the Calgary Flames. They got Iginla for a 2013 first round pick and two young prospects. The trade will help the Penguins immediately while the trade will benefit the Flames in years to come. Iginla has only 22 points this season, but when teamed up with the star power the Penguins have on offense-watch out. Senior Austin Teall said, “I think the Penguins have the best offense in the NHL and this will only help them out.” There were many rumors that Iginla was going to end up in Boston but it never happened. Iginla is a veteran who will also bring leadership and has been in a Stanley Cup final in 2004 when the Flames lost to the Lightning. He was the captain of the Flames for many years so he knows how to lead; however, he probably will take a backseat to Crosby and Malkin since the Pens are their team. The Calgary Flames received a 2013 1st round pick, Kenneth Agostino, and Ben Hanowski in exchange for Iginla.

                The Penguins are on fire and have added more fire power; the real question for the Penguins will be their goalie and defensive play. The offense has been solid all year but their defense has been a little shaky at times. If they continue to play like they are now there is no denying that they will be a force in the postseason. Sidney Crosby recently was injured after taking a puck to the face, breaking his jaw and is out indefinitely. Iginla wants something he never got in Calgary, which is a ring. If the Pens continue to play like this, he very well could get one.