Revis Island has a new location

Revis Island has a new location

Revis signs a huge contract to fill the Bucs’ desperate need for a corner; however, none of the money is guaranteed.

Drake Rowland, Sports Editor

The NFL draft is coming up this week, but there is no denying the biggest move in the offseason has already been made. On April 21st the New York Jets agreed to trade their best player to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the Bucs’ first round draft pick in this week’s draft and another pick in next year’s draft.

                Darrelle Revis has been a lockdown corner since he first entered the league in 2007. The Jets are going through a rebuilding year and want to get more picks while the Bucs are ready to win now and think Revis can help them do that. This draft seems to really help the Bucs now and could help the Jets, but there is no guarantee the players they draft will be equivalent to Revis’ talent. The Jets received the Bucs 13th overall pick in the 2013 draft and also received a 2014 4th round pick that could turn into a 3rd rounder. Jets fan Dylan Yasso said, “I don’t think the Jets can get a player of Revis’ caliber with the 13th pick but it is a move that had to be done.” Many Jets fans agree with this statement while others are probably upset with the trade. Bucs fan Mark Salem said, “Any time you can get the best player at their position in the league, you do it. I love the trade and can’t wait to see Revis in a Bucs jersey.”

                This trade will instantly help the Bucs while the Jets will have to wait to see an impact. Revis will be back in New York in no time as the Bucs travel to the Jets in the week one opener. It will be interesting to see if the Jets made the right move with Revis in the rebuilding process and if Revis can continue to dominate even with a new team.