2017 is the Jacksonville Jaguars’ year

Yes, I am serious, and no I am not crazy.


Doug Marrone the Head Coach of the future Super Bowl winners, the Jags.

Sandy Hutchins, Staff Writer

As the NFL season ends, each team begins to look ahead to next season and what it might hold. Many teams have a lot to look forward to and a little bit to change in order to get better and hope for a better season next year; however, the opposite seems true for the Jacksonville Jaguars. For the Jaguars and their faithful fans, there seems a lot to change yet little to hope for. Despite these grim circumstances, I have an unwavering faith that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be on their way to the Super Bowl this time next year and to all those who say nay, I say, get ready to jump on the Jacksonville bandwagon.

Despite the Jacksonville Jaguars being the butt of many, many jokes such as: “What’s the difference between the Jacksonville Jaguars and a dollar bill? You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill” and “What do you call a Jacksonville Jaguars player with a Super Bowl ring? A thief,” I believe that 2017-2018 season will change all of that. Now it is known that every year sports fans say that it will be their year and that it will be a breakout season, but let me tell you something; this is the real deal. No longer will people joke about us living in Houston’s shadow or being unable to beat Indianapolis. The Jacksonville Jaguars WILL be a force to be reckoned with in 2017-2018. The reasons I have behind this prediction are simple yet convincing.

To start things off, as I said before, a lot of things need to change and a lot of things are actually changing right now, a very early start. To begin the Jaguars coaching staff is being shaken up; Doug Marrone has replaced Gus Bradley as head coach and the Jaguars have brought back Tom Coughlin as executive vice president of football operations. This is a positive as recently the coaching staff has not been working, with the Jaguars going 17-63 since 2012. Doug Marrone had a 1-1 record as interim head coach last season, which bodes well for this year. These additions also may hint at a possible Chad Kelly pick for offensive coordinator. This is big because one of the largest issues with the Jaguars is their anemic offense, and with Chad Kelly comes a more up tempo offense which seems to fit Blake Bortles as many believe that would allow him to step up into the pocket instead of having to extend pass plays with a less than stellar offensive line protecting him. Another good sign is that promising running back T.J Yeldon looks to return healthy next season, which could put a little kick start in the Jaguars offense as well. My second reason behind my prediction is the fact that the Jaguars at this point have nowhere to go but up. This last season they went 3-13 and that leaves a lot of room for improvement and very little room to get worse.

The best thing about being a Jaguars fan is that you learn to accept defeat with a smile because, well, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be very happy much of the time. Also, the camaraderie that comes with it because when you have such a bad string of years, the only fans left are the real ones as there isn’t any reason to act like you like the Jaguars. So, for this upcoming season I believe the Jaguars will give fans more reasons to come to their stadium other than going for a nice swim in their swimming pools.