Jaguars season update

Two powerhouse teams collide.

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Two powerhouse teams collide.

Sandy Hutchins, Sports Editor

The NFL playoffs have not been kind to most of Florida with the Tampa Bay Bucs (5-11) and the Miami Dolphins (6-10) being nowhere close to making it. But there is one Florida team that stands apart from the rest, a city upon the hill if you may; this shining example is none other than the Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6). With their fans howling the famous chant “DUUUUUUVALLLL,” the Jaguars have shocked the nation by making it to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. Not only have the Jaguars made it to the playoffs, but they showed the world that it was no fluke by defeating the Bills 10-3 in the first round. Though they were the favorite in the wildcard round, they are coming in as the underdogs in the second round against the Pittsburgh Steelers (13-3).

Many people, including my own friend Michael Trotto, did not believe as I did at the beginning of the season. The naysayers believed it would be another terrible year for the Jaguars and that the rising tide of the Buccaneers would be the top team in the Sunshine State. But I knew, I always knew that the Jaguars’ rise to the top had begun and it was stopping for no one. I predicted this type of success in the middle of the preseason in my article in The Talon and still hope that they will make it to the Super Bowl. Last season the Jaguars went 3-13; this gap can be explained by the Jaguars building the best team in the league and adding a strong running game by drafting Leonard Fourtnette. Blake Bortles has also improved from last season, increasing his QBR from 78.8 to 84.7. With the combination of the powerhouse Fourtnette who had over a 1000 yard season his rookie year and an improved Blake Bortles managing to not throw the game away (literally), and the best defense in the nation, the Jaguars have morphed into a contender for the Super Bowl and a future powerhouse.