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A disheartening end, but there is hope for the future.

Sandy Hutchins, Sports Editor

January 21st will be the day that forever lives in infamy for the loyal fans of the Jaguar nation. As Captain Jack Sparrow put it, “You will always remember this as the day you almost beat Tom Brady.” If you are a true fan of the team that was perpetually garbage, this year was a breath of fresh air. We made the playoffs and we even made it to the AFC championship game, which is the tied with the 2000 and 1996 seasons for the farthest that the Jags have ever made it. To see another great run come to such a bitter end, especially at the hands of such a hated team, is truly heartbreaking.

The 20-24 loss to the Patriots is so defeating because the phenomenal and celebrated Jaguar defense that held the equally impressive Patriot offense to a mere 10 points in the first three quarters broke down in the final quarter and allowed the scum of the league Tom Brady to do what he does best, make everyone hate him even more by coming back from seemingly insurmountable odds. Unlike most games that the Jags have lost this year, I don’t even want to talk about Blake Bortles because to put it simply, he did his darn job and did it well. Blake Bortles resisted his urge to throw an interception and threw for almost 300 yards and a touchdown on top of that. I’ll admit Bortles couldn’t throw together a last-minute drive like Brady could but the Jaguars’ defense and coaching staff were the inexcusable ones. A defense that is touted as best in the league should not give up more points in the fourth quarter then they had the rest of the game and a coaching staff that called a dive play every first down made it seem like they didn’t want to win. You know how the Jaguars got ahead in the first place? Simple, they kept the Patriots defense on their toes with bold plays such as a Flea Flicker and Tom Brady on his with shifting coverages and bringing constant pressure. It was no surprise we lost when the Jaguars decided to try and coast their way to victory against the greatest comeback team in history. You’d almost think they didn’t watch the Super Bowl!

Overall, the game was exciting from start to finish but left any fan other than a Patriots fan extremely dissatisfied. Questionable calls from the refs resulting in a penalty deficit of 88 yards frustrated you and questionable calls from the Jaguars coaching staff confused you. In the end it was the result everyone expected but up until three minutes from the end no one saw it coming. The Jaguars found a way to screw it up even without Bortles throwing an interception.