Lacrosse season update

Ian Woodward, Staff Writer

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As the 2018 Lacrosse season has begun, the Eagles have remained at the top carrying on their 20-0 record from last season. With the Eagles off to a 5-0 season thus far they are looking to win back to back championships in the FGCLL lacrosse league. Despite the resignation of their previous coach, Head Coach Mike Tyrell, the Eagles have continued to show that it wasn’t just the new coach that brought upon this winning culture, but the players as well.

The FGCLL has undergone some changes this year. With the implementation of school sanctioned lacrosse teams all around our area, such as Mitchell and Sarasota Riverview, East Lake has been left out to dry once again by Title IX. Only a handful of teams remain in the league, five to be exact (St Pete, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and East Lake), forcing the Eagles to go and seek out competition elsewhere. With Spring Break approaching, many schools will be off break and looking for a vacation; not the East Lake Lacrosse team, however, as we will be facing off against four teams from the Northeast as they travel down on spring break to catch some sun and to play some ball. These four teams combined have 10 Division One commits, while East Lake has none. We are definitely considered underdogs on this one, but we have something to prove; we must show these northern teams that the South can play and lacrosse is just as good here as it is up there.

East Lake has played St Pete a total of four times and beaten them every time by a margin of 24 to 10, doubling their score and crushing their hope of ever being a decent lacrosse program. Games have gotten a bit chippy at times with penalties reaching totaled times of upwards of five minutes for either team. So if you’re looking for some fun competition, good lacrosse and big hits come out to support!


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Lacrosse season update