East Lake lacrosse team home game

Nik Holdsworth, Staff Writer

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For the first time in over four years the East Lake club lacrosse team is finally being allowed to play on East Lake High school’s home field. For all four years of my high school career I’ve played for the East Lake lacrosse club and we have had different home fields every year from East Lake to Palm Harbor, which were almost all youth soccer fields, with no bleachers or concession, just fields of grass. Now finally the lacrosse team can have an actual field and an actual stadium to play by.

Let me give you some backstory to this whole situation. Before I was a freshman, the principal at East Lake, Mr. Poth, had a son on the lacrosse team so they always let the team play on the high school field. Then the kid left, and so did his dad, the principal. In the following years the lacrosse team was still able to play games there until one year administration stopped allowing it.

My freshman year all the seniors on the team just wanted to play their senior night game on the East Lake high school fields, so they went into any administrator’s office that would see them almost every week pleading their case but still nothing changed. Fast forward to my junior year and the lacrosse team went undefeated and won the FGCLL championship. We brought the trophy into administration and were just trying to prove a point that we are very serious about the sport and representing our school and that East lake would be adding a very good lacrosse team to East Lake’s prestigious history of competitive sports teams.

Finally the lacrosse team is going to be sanctioned next year and a part of that deal is that we can play our senior night game on the high school home field. It may have taken four years for the lacrosse team to touch the field again but it’s a huge step forward in the right direction for the team.