Beginning of end for Winston

Winston is owed 20 million next year but he may have spoiled that.

Winston is owed 20 million next year but he may have spoiled that.

Brock Maloy, Staff Writer

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It’s been nearly four years, millions spent, and careers wasted. The Buccaneers were frozen in time with no real future. It looked like the Bucs were cursed with 1,000 years of being mediocre, but now the Bucs may have a chance to restart. Jameis Winston will be owed $20 plus million for next season if we do not release him. Throughout his rookie contract he hasn’t even warranted his rookie salary. He continued to make the same mistakes over and over again. So, I began to ponder the idea that Jameis isn’t intelligent enough to play the quarterback position. One of the most mindboggling claims is that “we need to see more from Jameis.”  Any other player is not given four years to prove he is competent at the professional level.

His play on the field is an atrocity. He telegraphs all his throws and fails to make pre-snap reads. In the NFL you have to settle for a check down pass, but he never reaches his final read; it’s Mike Evans or bust. Another great excuse for Winston is saying he is good at everything else “but his deep ball.” In what job can you be subpar in one category and still keep your job! He has had four years to work on his deep ball and has failed to improve just a hair.

Thanks to his four interception melt down against the Bengals the tide has finally turned against Winston and his ship.  FitzMagic has been named starter a second week over Jameis, but he isn’t the long-term answer. The Buccaneers will need to upgrade their scouting skills and pick a quarterback that will take them to the promised land. With that being said there are some rookies we could reach and draft but no stand outs. Drew Locke is looking to be the best quarterback of his class but further development would be needed.  A radical approach could be starting third string Ryan Griffin. He had a great preseason and has learned what not to do from Jameis several years now.


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