Are the teams in the College Football Playoffs the right teams?

Will Alabama take their title back? Will Clemson secure their second title in 2 years? Will a new school be as competitive as these powerhouses?


With the finals just around the corner, most of the country is in anticipation for these incredibly competitive games.

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

With some obvious front runners, Alabama and Clemson as first and second respectively, the third and fourth place teams weren’t as certain.  Notre Dame was selected as the third place team and Oklahoma as the fourth.  They both are very good teams, but some people are arguing that teams like Georgia and Ohio State deserve the spot more.

While many people are very adamant that their teams should have gotten into the final four, it’s rather hard to claim that a team in that group doesn’t deserve to be there.  Alabama is Alabama; there’s not much explanation to follow.  Clemson is the champion from last year and they’ve had a successful season, averaging about 40 points per game.  Their season high was 77 points against Louisville.  Also, Notre Dame has been having a rather noticeable season.  They started out strong with beating Michigan in their season opener, but after that they only played two teams in the top 25.  With this in mind, they made the third place spot in the finals.   While they did go undefeated and that counts for some things, their season wasn’t as tough as LSU or even Clemson’s season.  Furthermore, UCF faced a similarly skilled opponents this season and they weren’t even considered in the top six.  UCF also was undefeated last year and that should have an effect on this year, as over the past two years UCF has had a record of 25-0.  And finally there is Oklahoma, who is the only one loss team in the final four.  They have had a outstanding season, winning some tough games.  They often have very high scoring games for both sides, which means that while their offense is good, their defense isn’t all too efficient.  This means that they have a rough time against teams with a good defense.

Not in the top four are Ohio State and Georgia, both of which I feel deserve a spot in this competition.  Georgia gave Alabama a competitive game this past weekend that was very fun to watch.  Alabama ended up winning by a touchdown which was scored in the last minute of regulation time.  This was a rough game for Alabama, too, because they were trailing for most of the game.  It showed the other teams in the league that Alabama could actually be beaten.  Also, Ohio State had a good season, only dropping one game to Purdue.  They won against Michigan, which has moved Michigan out of contention for the top four spots.  No matter which teams they ever place in the playoffs, there will always be someone arguing for a different team to be in.  It’s all a matter of which teams the selection committee picks.