It’s a wrap

The look on Dirk Koetter's face says it all.

The look on Dirk Koetter's face says it all.

Brock Maloy, Staff Writer

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Sadly, Sunday, December 9 the Buccaneers earned their eighth loss against a high-powered Saints team in which they gave up 25 unanswered points, which realistically eliminates any possibility at a playoff run in 2018. In fact, after that game, the Bucs had a 0.6 percent chance at reaching the playoffs. After losing their ninth game to the Ravens Sunday, the Bucs will yet again miss the playoffs. A lot is to blame for this season and there is enough finger pointing for us all to hand out. Maybe next year with a new coach most likely in store he can lead us to the promise land.

A significant portion of this failure of a season should be charged to our defense. The defense consistently ranked the worst in the NFL in passing and total yards.  Other than Jason Pierre-Paul, who currently has 10.5 sacks, it was lackluster. There was way too much time given to quarterbacks to butcher the Buc’s secondary. Young pass rusher Noah Spence, who was not as advertised and received very little playing time, has regressed by a large amount. Also, star Kwon Alexander suffered a torn ACL mid-season and left a huge hole. Of course, they couldn’t be the only ones that weren’t holding up their end of the bargain. The secondary was battered all season with injuries and left holes the size of Mount Rushmore in the field. It was really spectacular to watch, an NFL team with professionals neglect zones and missing so many tackles. It wasn’t only the poorly drawn up zones; it was mental errors as well.  Players were lined up wrong and blew coverages continuously.  Former defensive coordinator Mike Smith was fired earlier in the season and it was much needed.  He’s responsible for getting the team prepared and that was not fulfilled.

The offense is responsible for 31 turnovers, leaving the defense in vulnerable positions all season.  That’s 24 interceptions and seven lost fumbles.  Thanks to the O-Line that has been as productive as empty water bottles, Jameis has had little time to throw. Also, no holes were opened up for Peyton Barber and Ronald Jones. Usually it was a jail break to the running back.  Now with Winston’s rookie deal running out, will his late season improvement save his job?




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